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This General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) includes the rights and obligations of Bt. (registered office: 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 44. fszt. Ü-8.; trade registry number: 01-06-7876628, VAT number: 24850751-1-42; email:; hereinafter referred to as: Service Provider) and the User (hereinafter referred to as User of the electronic services provided on website (hereinafter referred to as website)  (Service Provider and User collectively referred to as Parties).

In case of disagreement between the Parties the Hungarian language version is the legally normative version of the GTC. The English version of the GTC is a translation of the Hungarian GTC (ÁSZF) and the content is intended to be exactly the same in the two languages.

1. General information

1.1. The scope of this GTC shall extend to all electronic services provided in the territory of Hungary, through the website offering electronic social services. In addition, the scope of this GTC shall apply to all transactions in Hungary that are made as described in the contract between the Parties specified herein.

1.2. The services of social site can be used by anyone with valid registration and subscription providing their accurate data on the Website and who consider themselves to be bound by those included in this GTC.

1.3. The Partners (program organisers) of the Service Provider with a valid subscription can be found under the Partners page on website who are also entitled to use all services of the website, except for the application for a program. Partner members shall not participate in events organised by others.

1.4. The social page, is a closed information page where the information uploaded by the members are only available for the members and the registered partners of It is possible to join and have a fully-fledged account with valid registration and subscription.

1.5. community site is operated by Bt.

Address: 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 44. fszt. Ü-8.
Phone number: +36 30 638 6688

2. Registration, login, profile, rights of usage

2.1. Only a single person over 18 years old can register to the social and recreational site, MIITT. The use of the website is subject to registration and subscription. The use of the site’s all functions requires the compulsory provision of profile data in addition to the registration data.

To use the site, it is necessary to give basic information and upload a profile photo besides completing the compulsory fields. The profile photo must depict the user in a recognisable way.

2.2. It is possible to register by clicking on the Join button placed on many places on the website where the first name and the sex must compulsorily be provided together with the e-mail address and the password.

The general terms and conditions, as well as the data protection notice, shall also be accepted here.

After the registration, the system will send a confirmation letter to the given e-mail address. By clicking on the link in the e-mail message, the user account, that is, the registration can be activated.

Within the process of activation, the user reaches the main page by clicking the activation link where he/she can log in with the e-mail address and password under the Login tab. Afterwards, by selecting the Subscription tab and choosing the appropriate subscription package, the user is forwarded to the secure online card payment page of the financial provider, or he/she can select the option of paying by bank transfer and the safe platform of his/her own bank. By choosing bank card payment, the bank card data must be provided, and then it must be checked if all data are appropriate before starting online payment with the payment button. The site immediately indicates the success or failure of the payment. By choosing the bank transfer option, the user can perform the money transfer as usual. The User will receive a notification of the success of the transfer when the transferred amount arrives at the financial partner’s account. In the case of a transfer outside banking hours, the notification is sent after the start of the official banking time when the amount arrived at the above-mentioned account.

In case of a successful subscription, the user reaches his/her the profile page where he/she becomes a fully-fledged member after completing the compulsory fields of the profile data and uploading a profile photo which must be approved. As a minimum requirement, the profile photo must depict the member in a visible and identifiable way. After uploading the profile photo, it is checked and approved within no more than 24 hours. The user will receive a notification of the approval or refusal to his/her e-mail address entered during the registration. As soon as the user completed the compulsory fields marked with an * and his/her profile photo has been approved, the user can use all functions of the website freely and without stints.

2.3. The members of MIITT can log in the website by clicking on the “LOGIN” button with their e-mail address and password given during the registration.

2.4. In case of a forgotten password, a new password can be requested by clicking on the “LOGIN” button and the link in the forgotten password section. Here the e-mail address and the new password must be entered with which the user can log in the website afterwards.

2.5. The user reaches their user account if they want to modify their data or upload other data after logging in the website and clicking on YOUR PROFILE menu. Here the registration data provided during the registration can optionally be edited, or the data can be modified, new data can be entered, or the whole profile can be deleted. The “profile photo” or profile photos and the “cover picture” uploaded to the YOUR PROFILE page can be seen by any user.

2.5.1. It is prohibited to show the User’s address and e-mail address under the YOUR PROFILE page.

2.5.2. It is prohibited to place any text in the YOUR PROFILE page which may offend any user due to their age, sex, origin, ethnicity, religious or political views, external appearance and/or may be in any way interpreted as a threat.

2.5.3. It is prohibited to place any information in the YOUR PROFILE page supporting any commercial activities. It includes, for example, name, address, phone number, website or social media page of any business, or a call for using the services or products of the company operated or supported by the user.

2.5.4. It is prohibited to publish any information referring to any type of converting activity or any agitating information of the political topic.

2.5.5. The Service Provider shall not assume any liability for the damages caused during the abuse by a third-party (e.g. another user) of the information uploaded by the user to the YOUR PROFILE page.

2.6. The data of the user account can be deleted at the bottom of the YOUR PROFILE page by clicking on the “delete your profile” button. To confirm the deletion, the user will receive a confirmation letter to the e-mail address given during the registration. The deletion can be finalised by clicking on this link. In this case, the system immediately deletes the respective data after receiving the request and the personal and other data contained in the user’s profile are deleted permanently and irrevocably from the website.

Simultaneously to the deletion of user data, the systems sends a notification to the user of the deletion of the data and the account to the user’s e-mail address.

If you cannot delete your user account due to any technical or other reasons, you can request deletion through e-mail: In this case, the Administrator performs your request within 36 hours.

2.7. The access and usage rights of the registered and/or subscribed user can be cancelled by the operator without subscription fee refund in the following cases:

  • Uploading a fake profile photo or a profile photo not depicting the user or the user cannot be recognised and/or provides false personal data (age, address, marital status, etc.).
  • The content of photos and pictures uploaded to the YOUR PROFILE page or the organised programs can disturb the peace of the users (e.g. pornographic or other types of pictures), or they include advertisement directly or indirectly serving the user’s interests.
  • In the case of providing fake registration data.
  • In case of a user being non-strictly and legally single, the User is married or in a relationship.
  • The profile page, the forum threads and comments as well as the text of the organised programs include offence which affronts individuals or groups due to their sex, age, sexual orientation, origin, religion, ethnic or national origin.
  • They offend the business interests of in their profile page, the comments of the programs or the comments of the forum pages, e.g. they advertise other service providers directly or indirectly or defame, its operator and/or the site’s users.
  • In the text of the internal correspondence, they write contents offending the recipient’s peace which insult individuals or groups due to their sex, age, origin, religion, ethnic-national origin.
  • Any contact with members based on which the given member or members may feel their personal safety threatened.
  • In case of any commercial and advertising activity, including the share of any photo or text which can be considered the advertisement of a specific service or organisation.
  • If the user uses the organisation of programs to gain profit. Such cases may be, for example, when the user sells their own services in the form of programs or offers the usage of particular services, including entry tickets at a price higher than the official list price or organise programs so that they receive a reduced group price from a third-party provider, but they offer the given service at the list price or above. This includes the activity when they regularly advertise the services of their family member/friend/acquaintance in the form of programs so it can be supposed that they benefit from the events in the form of financial or non-financial advantages.
  • If the user invites guests to the programs organised on the site without a valid subscription – except for their children – without the written permission of the operator.
  • If the user permits the participation of guests without a valid subscription in the programs organised on the site.
  • If the registered member participates in the program organised on MIITT without a subscription valid on the day of the event.
  • If the user invites more people to the event he/she organises than the program’s upper limit (max 50 people) and/or authorises their participation in the event.
  • If the user does not permit the participation of another member with a subscription in the program he/she or others organise.
  • If the user asks a member with a valid subscription in any form not to participate in the event, he/she organises although it is not fully booked.
  • If the user uploads fake data in the programs, he/she organises and/or he/she does not appear at the programs and/or he/she does not delete the event on time in case of a cancellation.
  • In the case of religious conversion activity or political agitation in any form.
  • If the user applies such a software package or program when he/she uses the website that disturbs or influences the proper use of the website.
  • If the user works for another competing service provider to whom he/she provides internal information and if the user’s activity aims directly at supporting his/her similar community building, and/or event organising, and/or dating service.
  • If the user's membership and/ or activity on the site and community is aimed at exploiting the Community, its activities, experiences and its access to its users, for the purpose of using that for the user’s own business, or non-business type activities, and/or aiming to redirect users from the community to another community with similar activities.

  • In case of other abuses that may disturb the ordinary activity and atmosphere of the community.

2.8. Registration and/or valid subscription of the User can be cancelled and the User can be banned from the community by the Service Provider with full refund in the cases below:

  • In case the User – according to the experiences of the Service Provider, Business Partner or other User(s) – with his or her actions, behavior, communication style, or unacceptable appearance and personal hygiene is making other users or partners of the Service Provider uncomfortable and by this his presence in the community online and/or offline can cause financial or other damage to the Service Provider by making other Users turn away from the Service or having a negative effect on the brand reputation. These cases can be for example participating at events with strong body odor, dirty clothes, visibly under the influence of alcohol, or other legal or illegal substances, using highly irritating communication styles (f.e. interrupting speakers and/or organised and structured events, repeatedly raising ones voice), or using language that other users can find frightening, unsettling, appaling, etc.
  • In case the User has used the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Refund any time earlier. (See point 10.)

2.9. The website shall send an automatic notification of the deactivation or deletion of the user profile to the e-mail address provided during the registration. The deactivated user will also receive an information of the reason for the deactivation within 3 business days.
If the User undertakes to terminate the reason for the deactivation after the notification and indicates this fact in writing by sending an e-mail to, the site operator may reactivate the User’s membership and profile at its own discretion, but it is not obliged to do so.

3. Uploading programs and program locations

3.1. After logging in, it is possible to browse the program locations and programs, create Hungarian programs, join programs, invite other members to certain programs and accept invitations by clicking on the Programs or Locations tab in the menu bar at the top of the page. Programs published on MIITT site, can only be attended by registered MIITT members with a valid subscription. Exception is the children of the members under 18, in cases where the organiser of the event indicates that the event is child friendly. In special cases, the site operator or the Administrator may decide at its own discretion whether it permits the participation of guests without a valid subscription in the given program. In these cases, it is always indicated at the program description. The Partners of the service provider with the consent of the service provider may allow non-member guests at their events. In such cases it is always indicated in the program description.

3.2. The User with a valid subscription may create programs to be organised in Hungary and upload program location to the social service. The program locations, that is, the LOCATIONS become visible on the website and the potential locations after the administrator approved them. Programs, events and event locations can be uploaded under “PROGRAMS” page by clicking on the “NEW PROGRAM” tab.
Here the name of the program or event, the picture relating to the program, the exact location of the program, the name of the program location, the exact date and description must be provided. The program type must also be marked which helps to search among the programs. The user may determine the maximum number of people who can participate in the program he/she organises up to 50 people.

3.3. In case of uploading programs and program locations, the user shall upload real programs, program locations and data to the site and they shall upload relevant information closely relating to the programs and shall attend the programs they organised at the start time indicated in the program description.

3.4. It is expressly prohibited to upload programs of the following nature to the MIITT social and recreational website:

  • Programs with fake data (e.g. the date of the event saved in the program organiser is not the same as the date indicated in the program description)
  • Programs outside of Hungary where the participants spend one or more nights abroad either on a means of transport during travel or in overseas accommodation.
  • Programs which violate the business interests of, for example, the programs of the competing dating and/or program organising and/or community building services, firms and persons.
  • Political party programs, programs in connection with campaigns, political events
  • Religious events, particularly ones aiming at conversion performed on behalf of any religion
  • Product presentations, events aimed at product or service sale, programs with advertising purposes. This includes programs for advertising purposes and/or programs calling for the regular use of the given service. Especially those cases when the user is employed by the given service provider publishing the program or he/she is the service provider, and with the implementation of the program his/her employer or he/she himself/herself earns money or gains financial advantages.
  • Events offending others, other social groups especially due to their age, sex, sexual orientation, origin, religion, ethnicity, nationality, spoken language and philosophical belief.
  • Events intentionally excluding any group or person within Miitt Members for any reason where the activities at the event do not require such exclusion yet still written or suggested in any way by the uploaded event. (For example, excluding by age, gender, spoken language, etc.)
  • All programs or events that are prohibited by law and all events which include illegal activities, language (such as hate speech, etc.) and symbols.

In case of uploading such programs, the operator may delete the program; in the case of severe and/or recurring cases, may immediately restrict the member’s access, and cancel the membership without membership fee refund.

3.5.  In case of uploading programs and program information, it is prohibited to place a content on the site violating the personality rights, copyrights and industrial property rights of others, upload personal data of other people, place contents violating the reputation, business interests and general assessment of the website operator or uploading any content prohibited by law.

3.6. The User shall acknowledge that he/she are responsible for the contents, data, information and pictures placed in the programs section of the website and the uploading of illegal information may result in official proceedings.
The person placing the content in the PROGRAMS section shall exclusively be liable for the content. The operator of shall exclude its liability for any damages and disadvantages that arise from materials placed by the user on, including damages caused to a third party.

3.7. The User uploading the program shall acknowledge that the program he/she uploads may be marked as featured by the Administrator, thus it appears on the main page of where its description without the exact date and the profile of the participants can be seen by visitors who have not yet been registered or registered but have not yet been subscribed. The User uploading the program shall acknowledge that if he/she indicates personal data in the program title and/or description (e.g. e-mail address, phone number), then these can also be seen by visitors not yet registered or registered but not yet subscribed after marking it as a featured program, and any member are able to save and use it based on his/her own personal decision.

3.8. The site’s Administrators, the Contributing Partner organising the program and the Users participated in the specific program may upload photos of the program to the page of the new programs. The photos uploaded by the User participated in the programs organised by the Administrators, Contributing Partners and the Users are kept by in its internal page available only for subscribed members for 12 months. Any member participated in the program may be visible in these pictures. The User and the person uploading the photo shall acknowledge that the site’s operator and/or the Administrator may use these photos for marketing purposes, if the Users in the picture cannot be recognisable or if the User who can be recognised in the picture gives his/her written permission for the usage of the photo. In addition, the User shall acknowledge that upon the deletion of his/her membership, these photos will remain on the site for an indefinite period but at least for 12 months. The User can request the deletion of those pictures in which he/she is depicted in writing itemising (1. program name, 2. date, 3. a detailed description of the photo(s)) and in this case, the operator of will remove these photos immediately. is only obliged to remove the photos depicting the User if the User provides a detailed list including the 3 parameters (1. program name, 2. event date, 3. a detailed description of the photo(s)). The removal of any photo shall only be requested by the User who can be seen in the photo.

3.9. In case the rules regarding the use of programs by the users and the participation are violated, the Service Provider is entitled to delete the program entry in question and deactivate the concerned User’s access right or temporarily or permanently delete him/her from among the website users without repayment.

4. Joining events

4.1. On MIITT, after logging in, it is possible to browse the program locations and programs, invite other members to specific programs and accept invitations by clicking on the Programs or Locations tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.

4.2. Only members with a valid subscription are entitled to participate in the programs announced on MIITT society-building and recreational website or if the organiser indicates it separately, then their children under 18 years old. In some instances, it is the right of the site’s Operator/Administrator to authorise that members with a valid subscription bring an adult (over 18 years old) guest indicating it in the program description of the events they organise.

4.3. After selecting the appropriate program, you can join the program by clicking on the “JOIN” button at the top right corner of the page containing the program data, and here you can invite another registered user with an active status to the program.

Here you can send a message to the program’s organiser, the potential and joined users and reply to them in a forum.

In the case of comments, rules regarding the forum threads contained in point 5 shall prevail.

4.4. In the case of certain programs or events, the User shall be liable for selecting the appropriate program, getting to know the exact location, the date, the potential costs and other conditions and determining the authenticity of the respective data in all cases.

4.5. MIITT website, the service provider – although takes every step to update the programs on the site and indicate the program data in details – shall exclude all liabilities for the authenticity, accuracy of the data of the uploaded programs, changes in the programs made in the meantime, or any damages and legal consequences due to the cancellation or failure of the programs.

4.6. The users of MIITT website shall participate in the programs and events organised by the Service Provider, the Administrator and other members seeking partners with a subscription at their own risk. They shall bear the damages, legal consequences arising in connection with the specific programs individually, including damages caused to a third party. The MIITT website, the service provider shall exclude claims for damages in connection with the incidents during certain programs or events.

4.7. The users of MIITT website shall participate in the programs and events organised by the subscribed Partners at their own risk. They shall bear the damages, legal consequences arising in connection with the specific programs individually, including damages caused to a third party. The MIITT website, the service provider shall exclude claims for damages in connection with the incidents during certain programs, events.

5. Forum rules

5.1. On MIITT society-building and recreational website, after logging in, it is possible to browse, comment and initiate a new discussion in a new topic by clicking on the “FORUM” menu in the menu bar located at the top of the page.

5.2. The users may freely make comments in the forum with their name provided in the profile; only the voluntarily provided personal information is indicated in the forum.

5.3. The user shall fully comply with those contained in this GTC and the respective legal regulations when using the forum. It is expressly prohibited to:

  • place such content which may violate the personality rights, copyrights and industrial property rights of others or incite other users to use such content;
  • place the personal data of others (address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) in the comments even with the consent of the data owner;
  • publish access keys, identification data or passwords in the forum;
  • publish obscene or pornographic materials, offer sexual service or publish any content violating public morality;
  • use obscenities, offensive words or expressions bringing about anger and fear;
  • make a comment which may be offensive to others (especially which may disturb another user due to their age, sex, origin, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, philosophical belief), and place a content suitable for defaming or discrediting others irrespective of the fact that it is true or not, especially regarding personalities;
  • offer such products for sale or exchange, the distribution of which constitutes crime or violation (e.g. drugs, psychotropic substances) or the delivery of which is subject to license (e.g. weapons, medicinal products, hazardous objects), or offer products that cannot be marketed (e.g. holiday voucher, unlicensed food, etc.);
  • place any unlawful content, call for any illegal action or a crime;
  • defame the products, services and reputation of businesses or make offensive remarks;
  • publish any commercial offers, the advertisement of a business activity aimed at making a profit;
  • make political and/or campaign-like comment, conduct an agitation activity;
  • publish content or refer to a material which may violate or endanger the good reputation, business interests, general judgment of the Service Provider, thus especially the judgment of its services;
  • hinder the operation of the website, the forum, impede the service availability;
  • boycott the services of the Service Provider or call for doing so;
  • re-examine the decision of the Service Provider regarding the appearances, moderation of the forum and make the deleted comments available again in any way;
  • place any content which is prohibited by law;

5.4. The User shall acknowledge that they are responsible for the writings, comments, data, materials and information placed in the Programs section of the website and the uploading of illegal comments may result in official proceedings.
The person placing the content in the forums of MIITT shall exclusively be liable for the content. The operator of shall exclude its liability for any damages and disadvantages which arise from materials placed on, including damages caused to a third party.

5.5. In case the forum rules are violated, the Service Provider is entitled to delete the comments entered in question and deactivate the concerned User’s access right or temporarily or permanently delete him/her from among the website users without repayment.

6. General Communication Rules

6.1. Civilised and peaceful communication is expected in all pages of

6.2. It is not allowed to make any comment which attacks, offends, threatens or frightens anybody for any reason, including, for example, degrading address, seriously abusing others, defaming the family members or friends of anybody and any type of threat that is aimed at the derangement of the other User’s ease or threatens the physical integrity of the user.

6.3. If the User feels that somebody expressly attacks, offends, threatens or frightens him/her with the given communication, he/she may report it to the site operator indicating the form, place and date of the communication in writing via which the service provider will assess on its own authority and inspect as necessary. In case of thorough suspicion, the inspection may extend to the checking of the personal correspondence between the two parties.

6.4. It is not allowed in any pages of the site to discredit and its Operator and/or to make any comment to damage the business and/or moral situation of and its Operator, Administrators and the Contributing Partners.

6.5. Any unallowed communication indicated in paragraphs 6.2. and 6.4. may result in immediate suspension of or even the deletion of the user account without repayment.

6.6. Except for the cases mentioned in paragraphs 6.3. and 6.4., the service provider shall not check the content of the personal correspondences in any other cases.

 (: If you have read the text this far, we love you already! Really! Follow the rules, and you will enjoy yourself! :)

7. Data transfer

7.1. By accepting this GTC, the user also agrees that the following personal data of the user stored in the database of by Miitt Betéti Társaság (registered office: 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 44. fszt. Ü-8.) be provided to OTP Mobil Kft. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. 30-32.) as data controller. Scope of the transferred data: first name, last name, country, phone number, e-mail address. Purpose of the data transfer: providing help to the users by the customer service, the confirmation of transactions and fraud-monitoring for the protection of the users.

8. Press and Photo/Video appearance, publication of content uploaded by the User

8.1. Occasionally, the representatives of the press invited by the operator of website may also register. Their job directs only to viewing the website operation and the community’s activity. They are not allowed to use any form of personal data, including photos without the permission of the data owner, the User. An exception to this is the photo not regarded as personal data in existing laws such as “crowd photography”.

8.2. Press staff and photographers, camera operators invited by may also attend programs organised by Users, Partners or the Administrator without having to notify the Users. Photos, videos made during the event may be used by the website operator freely as long as those depicted in the photos cannot be clearly identified, recognised or they have given their verbal and or written permission to make such photos, videos public. The User accepts that behavior implying permission (e.g. posing for a photo) will be taken as consent to use the visual material freely by the operator of

8.3. Photos and videos taken at programs where the description of the event states that photo and/or video will be taken by the Operator of ca also be used for public publications by In these cases, the User accepts that by joining such event, he/she gives consent to the taking and public use of photos and videos taken at that event.

8.4. If the photos and videos depict a User in an obviously identifiable, recognisable way, and the User did not give his/her prior consent to the publication of the photos as per paragraphs 8.2. and 8.3., the website operator is obliged to ask for permission from the person in the photo or video before the publication, and can publish only those photos and videos on public platforms accessible for non members which has been authorised by all those identifiable in the picture or video.

8.5. The User may anytime request the removal of publicly published photos in which they are clearly identifiable even if he/she has given his/her permission earlier. The website operator shall remove this photo(s), video(s) if the User indicates 1.) the exact location of the photos, provides the accurate and full address of the website where the picture can be seen, 2.) provides a description suitable for identification of the photo or in addition to giving the website’s accurate address, he/she sends a print screen of the photo concerned. Without providing exact location and description of such material by the User the website operator is not obliged to search for and remove such materials.

8.6. During completing “Your Profile” page, the Users may answer the question (Why do you join the community?) in the last section of point 3 among the data to be completed at their own discretion. The website operator and/or Administrator may use this text indicating the first name and age of the User in any external platform as a quotation or any other form of text. The User receives written information about the possible usage of this text under the “Your Profile” page. The text in question can anytime be modified by the user but its form published in any external platform before the modification shall not be changed by the website operator and/or Administrator. The website operator strives not to reveal the identity of the Users (e.g. In case of a very unique name, it may be replaced with a more common nickname or will be changed to a more common name in order to preserve the privacy of the User)

9. Star program (Reliability Program)

The website’s software records the fact and date when Users register to or unsubscribe from a program, and those Users who attend the events reliably and regularly will receive a star symbol on their profile photo. Users will receive written information about the details of the star program - the ways of obtaining and loosing of the star sign - after the subscription. They can view the information at a designated page where they can track their activity relating to registering to and unsubscribing from the programs and their current star status.

10. A 100% satisfaction guarantee refund

10.1. A User who purchased a first membership on the date of 12 April 2019 or on a later date is entitled to a 100% repayment guarantee if all three of the following conditions are met:

  • This is the User’s first ever membership package period. The User did not have a paid or unpaid membership subscription earlier, and claims refund during/after the first ever purchased membership period and not yet purchased a second or any further membership package irrespective of subscription package types.
  • The User participates in at least 2 events within 21 days from the date of subscription and Organisers of both events confirm the User’s participation within 5 days from the given event. The website system automatically requires and expects this confirmation online from the Organiser.
  • The User reports dissatisfaction in writing to the service provider within a 30-day deadline from the date of the last program through The User shall indicate properly the following data in the letter: The e-mail address of the User, the 2 programs he/she participated, their exact title and date. The Service Provider is not obliged to take into account the reports sent with missing data.

When the above are fulfilled, the User does not have to justify his/her dissatisfaction.

10.2. The User shall not have the right to claim the repayment guarantee if the process of claim does not fulfil the above conditions and if the User re-subscribes after he/she participated in the first or any other events with which he/she expresses his/her satisfaction to continue to use the services of website and community.

10.3. If all three conditions are met indicated in paragraph 10.1., after the written report mentioned in paragraph 10.1., the Service Provider shall repay the total amount paid by the User as a membership fee by bank transfer to the bank account from which the payment arrived either with the optional bank card payment or bank transfer. The Service Provider is not obliged to repay the amount apart from in cash or to a bank account automatically by the Service Provider’s Financial Partner or to a bank account different from the payment account.

10.4. If the User exercises the right to the 100% repayment guarantee, he/she waives the additional and subsequent usage of the service which the Service Provider can refuse without any justification.

10.5. If the User exercises the right to the 100% repayment guarantee and he/she has a valid subscription, the Service Provider immediately terminate his/her membership and the access to platforms available for the registered members with a subscription. As of the termination of the membership, the User will not have access to the User Profile and the internal correspondences, the data content of which the Service Provider is not obliged to make available to the User; it shall store, encrypt or delete them according to the valid rules of the Data Protection Act.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1. It is supposed that the visitor knows the technical and technological limits of using Internet and accepts the possibilities of errors associated with the technology while browsing the website.

11.2. The service provider shall not be liable for any damage occurred due to the connection to Internet in order to visit website. It is the visitor’s responsibility to assess how they can protect their computers.

11.3. Dividing membership days of Couples equally: Couples formed at community after declaring their relationship status publicly at their Profile using the declaration buttons have a possibility to add all their membership days and have them divided equally between the two of them in order to use services together as a couple for the same length of time. Each couple is entitled to this function once regardless any further purchase of memberships.

12. Special Contractual Conditions - Natural Disasters, Emergencies, VIS MAIOR

The User acknowledges that, in certain special situations, listed below, that are beyond the control of the Service Provider, where the services of the Website are permanently or temporarily unavailable or only partially available and the Community/Website cannot operate at the usual level and for these below listed reasons, the Service Provider is not obliged to compensate for this period in the form of membership time or a refund. These special situations are the following:

  • In the event of a natural disaster
  • Under prohibitive regulations restricting the gathering, assembly, or meeting of people online and/or offline for any reason (for example, but not limited to, during a pandemic)
  • During any condition restricting assembly, gathering, meeting of people online and/or offline for any reason (such restrictive conditions may include, but are not limited to: prolonged extreme weather conditions, acts of terrorism)
  • During periods of national or regional Internet access restrictions/failure
  • In the event of permanent or temporary breakdown of the infrastructure necessary for the use of the website (e.g. power outages, interruption of necessary services of telecommunication providers)

The Service Provider, in its sole discretion and within its means, may chose to compensate for the service outage or deviation from the usual service mode and or quality for the period in question by offering the possibility of a suspension of membership for all or part of the period of the outage and/or deviation, or by other non-monetary means, but not obliged to do so.

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